• Wool is Sustainable

    No, shearing doesn’t harm the sheep
    Yes, wool is completely natural
    No, wool doesn’t need massive resources to process it
    Yes, wool is completely sustainable 
    No, wool won’t pollute our oceans
    Yes, wool is biodegradable 
    No, wool doesn’t need lies, deceit and propaganda to sell it

    Wool has been quietly doing its own thing for centuries and will continue to do so long after fads, bogus trends and propaganda have gone by the wayside.
    Test all things but hold on to what is good.
    Wool is good.

  • The Wool Lady Talks

    Athletic wool is a performance fabric, thanks to some clever marketing. The companies using wool boast that their fabrics are naturally breathable, water resistant, are great at wicking, help to regulate body temperature, and are odor resistant. This could be true if the fibers are without treatment. But they use chemicals to treat the wool. The sad reality is that the fibers undergo so much processing, they lose all of their natural characteristics.

    If your wool is not processed naturally you will not get all the great benefits of wool.

    Choose wisely and environmentally healthy.