Sustainable and lasting
With proper care, your woollen pillow  & duvet can last for decades.  

Low Maintenance Care for your Pillow

There is no need to wash your wool pillow.  It will not hold moisture, odor, mildew, mold like other pillows, so it does not hold onto sweat and body odor.  Use 100% cotton or linen pillow cases over your new wool pillow so that the wool breaths.  When you change your sheets let your bed and pillow breath for a few hours and vacuum your bed.  You can put your pillow in the dryer on  COOL AIR fluff setting for 5 or 10 minutes every two weeks and your pillow will stay nice and fluffy.  The only reason you have to wash other pillows is because they do not have all these wonderful properties that wool has.  If needed you can always add layers of wool to your pillow for more depth and as well you can take out layers to accomodate your desired support.  (pls refer to the videos below for adding and taking out layers of wool out of your pillow).

Washing your wool duvet or mattress pad

The important thing is not to agitate the wool, as this causes the fibers to mat together and shrink. Soaking and spinning, though, are fine.
Wash Instructions for Top-loading Washing Machines

1) Fill your machine with warm water and soap. Agitate the water to dissolve the soap.
2) Stop the machine and add your duvet or mattress pad.
3) Plunge gently up and down by hand to clean.
4) Let soak for 15 minutes.
5) Set machine to spin and turn it on, allowing the machine to spin out the soapy water.
6) Fill your machine again with warm water to rinse.
7) Stop the machine (do not allow it to agitate the wool).
8) Plunge gently up and down by hand to rinse.
9) Soak for 15 minutes.
10) Set machine to spin and turn it on, allowing the machine to spin out the rinse water.
11) Hang to dry
Just remember... DO NOT agitate the wool!

For a video of how to fluff up your pillow 

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