Skirting Wool
Skirting Wool
140+ year old carding machine from England
140+ year old carding machine from England
Carding wool
Carding wool

Rave Reviews!

This pillow is incredible, I’m so happy to be using an all-natural pillow with no harmful chemicals or materials.

Also, it feels great to support a local Canadian business!

Thanks again, I will be recommending your products to all my friends and family.


We Are Family!


These wool duvets are wonderful: warm but not too warm, substantial but not heavy, and the warmth is somewhat like the radiant heat from a wood stove – great for old bones like mine. Get one – you’ll love it!

Howie M. 

Just wanted to let you know that I have tried at least 15 different kinds of pillows (feathered, foam, water) over the last 2-3 years. Since I purchased your wool pillow I have had the best quality sleep I've had in years. Those other pillows were a waist of time and money.I have had your wool pillow for a little over a year now and never go back to those other pillows.

Lorne Guthrie

Bree - My wool duvet makes my LIFE! So thrilled with it in both warmer and cooler temps! Thanks, Michele!


Glenda - I have been fighting with finding the right pillow for years, I think this is a winner.


Connie - I received my pillow 3 days ago and I had the best sleep that I've had in years !! I slept great,on night 2. Night 3 - I tried my old pillow - just to test. 15 minutes later it was gone and My Shepard's Pillow was back on my bed. Awesome sleep - no neck aches - no tossing and turning to get comfy - LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this pillow ! I feel so rested finally !! Thank-you Michelle


Patrycia - Got the duvet at the Ladner farmer's market and it is the BEST duvet we've ever slept under. Just got 2 matching pillows now...looking forward to sleeping on them tonight.


Jenna - Thank you Michele! Amazing customer service!! This company goes above and beyond, I highly recommend!


Carlee - I was skeptical because it felt like it woule be to high for my neck, as i usually wake with neck aches. But the first night i slept on it i had a great sleep. Without the neck pain in the morning. I am very happy with my purchase.


Shirley - Great sleep! Many other wool pillows have false centres, not this one. And nice to know it is all B.C. Grown!


Alley - This shepherd's pillow is the most amazing pillow ever!!! I'm so glad that Michelle told me how amazing it was and that it would be the best nights sleep ever... She was right! 
She's so passionate about the products she makes and they are the most amazing quality. There's even a cover she makes for the wool pillow and then I put my own pillow case over top. 
I hate trying new things ... But she sold me on this... And I was so glad I tried it! Best purchase ever, highly recommend.


Pat - I just purchased 2 of Michele's pillows, for my partner and myself, after years of not sleeping more than a couple of hours at a time, the first time in years I actually slept 4 hours straight. He even said he has never has such a good nights sleep. *smiles* 
Wow what a difference, just so cozy and comfy, like sleeping on a cloud. 
Thanks Michele !!!! 


Lisa - Thank you Michele for the absolutely most amazing duvet comforter I have ever owned. It is exceptional quality and by far the most comfortable sleep I’ve had in a very long time. The wool is wonderful and keeps me cozy warm but not “hot” like the goose down. I will be back for the pillows shortly! Thank you again! 


I bought two regular pillows & two small pillows from you a couple of weeks ago. It was at the Christmas craft fair in Mission. I have to tell you that my husband & I are so happy with our new pillows! You told me they would stay cool & they do. We both use CPAP machines & these pillows are the perfect firmness & so comfortable.
We have spent so much money over the years trying to find the “Perfect Pillow” & now we have. I’m so glad I stopped at your table that Saturday .
Sweet dreams,
Rosemary B